Allows your parishioners to give easily online. Perfect for those who are unable to make it to service, our electronic giving system through myEoffering is an inexpensive, simple, and easy alternative. Contact us today for more information.
MyEoffering Pricing Breakdown:
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Annual Fees
  • $20 Monthly Fee
Transactional Fees:
  • For all ACH Transactions (checking/savings):
    • $0.30 cents per transaction
    • No additional percentage rate
  • For credit/debit card transactions:
    • 2.75% + $0.30 cents per transaction
Main Benefits of myEoffering Online Giving:
  • Setup within 1-2 business days
  • Mobile-friendly (tablets & smartphones)
  • Weekly, monthly, and annual reporting
  • Donors can choose to pay the fees so the church receives 100% of the donation
  • Automated weekly reminders for Special collections
  • Live customer service & technical support
  • Ability to add multiple payment & church accounts
  • Easy step-by-step Admin & Member setup or transition
Explanation of Pricing:
– If a member makes a $10.00 donation to your church through myEoffering from a checking account, the money will be drawn from their account and $0.30 will be taken from the donation before it reaches your account. The donor can also choose to pay this $0.30 fee so the church receives 100% of the donation.

– Each time myEoffering pushes money to your church account, we email a brief outline containing the donor’s name, amounts donated, and amount the church receives after any fees are deducted. We also send a monthly report of all electronic donations that occurred within that month.

For a more detailed review of our electronic giving services, please reach out to one of our Customer Service Representatives today at 877-393-3330.

Other EServices



National Change of Address

Mail Piece Tracking

CASS Certification Services

Utilizing our affordable Flashcall system, you can reach out to your parishioners instantly with a recorded telephone blast – using any recorded voice. Communicate quickly with your parishioners to remind them about an event, announce a change to an event or even to provide a weekly update. Contact us today for more information.

Accu-Address is a service that provides your parish with the most accurate mailing addresses available – saving you on wasted paper and postage. Contact us today for more information.

After each mailing, your list will run though our NCOA system. Once the mail has left our in-house postal facility, we will send a report outlining addresses that conflict with United States Postal Service records. Each file is additionally screened for the specific parishioner, saving money on returned or undeliverable pieces. Contact us today for more information.

Our in-house postal facility is capable of tracking any mail piece throughout the USPS. We can tell you where your pieces are in transit and the approximate time the pieces are scheduled to be delivered. Our custom software tracks each piece in every mailing and generates a report to alert us of slow delivery. Contact us today for more information.

We can improve your delivery with real-time five digit zip codes plus four digit delivery point codes. Contact us today for more information.