Direct Mail Service

You would pay after each mailing. If you choose to mail monthly, you will be billed 12 times per year. This way you will only be billed for the exact number of names on your file at the time of mailing.

Statistics show the more you mail, the more income you receive. However, there are a couple of factors that need to be considered. First, usually smaller parishes do not see a significant increase in income by mailing 12 (monthly) times per year as opposed to 6 (bi-monthly) times per year. Also, consider the number of envelopes included in each mailing. If a higher number of envelopes is inserted, a higher postage cost will be assessed.

We do have special stock stewardship designs that can be printed on the face or flap of the weekly envelope at no additional cost. This allows you to place working information on the face or flap side of the envelope. It is not necessary to use our stock stewardship designs.

We prefer to have the file 30 days prior to your first dated envelope. However, some circumstances may require a slightly earlier submit time.

We have designed special software to decipher daily scans from every post office across the USA. This allows us to follow a mail piece from our production line to the delivery destination. Having the capability to track your mail pieces allows us to be proactive in ensuring a timely delivery.

Simply provide us with approximately 30 days lead time and we can quickly make adjustments to your next mailing.

Yes, we empathize with your frustration in calling and speaking to a phone tree and never getting your problem solved. Once we receive your signed quotation, we will immediately assign you a preferred Customer Service Representative. This is a seasoned position in our company with many years of experience.

No, if you are using our management/growth software, we will simply alert you as to when the address file will be pulled for publication.

Yes, please understand offertory envelopes can be mailed to your parishioners for as little as $2.25 per year, including postage. So, if parishioners ever want to participate using an envelope, they have more than paid for that convenience. We recommend printing “I Give Electronically” on the envelope so parishioners feel an active involvement in worship and have a convenient resource to give to any second collection.

Yes, we recommend you using your offertory packet as an inexpensive but effective means for communication. Letter Size: 6″ x 9″

Boxed Sets & Mail-Back Booklets

Absolutely, we will store annual envelope supplies for as long as you wish at no additional cost.

You will not be billed until your envelopes are in use and you are happy with them.

Be sure to order enough extra sets to give to new parishioners throughout the year. These extra sets can be pre-numbered with numbers unused from your file or left completely blank for you to assign.

Simply sign the bottom, mark when you would like delivery, include a copy of your weekly envelope and listing of special collection envelopes. We will then send you a proof and formal order confirmation.

No, we work hard in controlling our costs. We control manufacturing from start to finish which allows for significant savings. The owners are the market directors, on-the-floor managers, purchasing agents and visionaries. The owners are hands on every part of the operation.

A common statement heard around the company is: “if it is our fault, it is our responsibility to deliver an accurate product”. We will reprint and reship any product that is not accurately printed to meet your specifications.

We hear this often. We encourage parishes to order early for a couple reasons. First, we can make an envelope much less expensive in February than we can in November. Late in the year we are working 24/7, making it more difficult to keep production and supply costs at a minimum. However, if you order early (before March 30th) we will store your order in our warehouse and mark for delivery in the month you desire.


Yes, myEoffering can be imported into the leading CMS.

The security level is equal to what banks use to protect their transactions. Comprehensive measures are taken to ensure privacy, dependability and security.

We recommend calling a Customer Service Representative for more information. There is a $20 monthly fee, no minimum fees, no daily fees, and no contract. The only fees you pay are monthly and per-transaction. Call us today to learn more: 1-888-393-3330

myEoffering offers a comprehensive marketing package to assist in promoting the use of electronic giving.

You’ll need to fill out the form here and fax it to 330-337-5990 or call us at 1-877-393-3330 and ask for information on signing up for myEoffering.

Absolutely, you can set up an unlimited number of collections and even determine what times of the year they should be available. Parishioners can then choose from any second collection you have made available for donations.

We do not recommend a contract. We have entered into agreements with churches, but we prefer to let our service, price and results be our contract.

There is no minimum number. This is the beauty of the system, you don’t have to pay huge costs when you have a few parishioners initially using the service.

Yes, reports are available and are distributed after each transaction.

myEoffering is an extremely flexible service. It is good for those just starting out and good for those who have hundreds of parishioners using it. Price structure is very fair and the support staff is tremendous.

Yes myEoffering is web-based and you don’t need to pay for any updates we release, you just get the benefits immediately. You will be provided with a button to add to your church website that allows parishioners to sign up and donate immediately.

Velocicor Printing Technology

Velocicor™ is a proprietary blend of mechanical and technological advances designed to improve the quality and speed of printing while reducing waste and costs.

The Church Budget merged custom-developed software with advances in technology and manufacturing into a unique system capable of delivering VDP (variable data printing) at extremely high speeds.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a system whereby each printed item may be different from the previous, much like a home or office printer can print a multi-page document. For many printing companies, VDP can drastically slow down the printing process. Most high-speed printing equipment doesn’t even have VDP capabilities limiting their printing effectiveness. The Church Budget’s Velocicor™ printing technology currently allows two-sided envelope printing at speeds of 800 feet per minute, making it one of the fastest printing processes in the industry.

New technology in testing shows that we can achieve an even higher quality image while maintaining the speed.

The Church Budget believes that offering envelopes can be much more than a recording instrument for contributions. They are an under-utilized avenue to deliver messages to your donors. With the advent of Velocicor™ Church Budget can now offer full color, photographic images on both sides of your envelopes at a tremendous cost savings over what your current supplier can offer. Many churches just like yours are looking for ways to increase giving and reduce costs. The Church Budget envelopes engage your givers by delivering powerful messages and full color images while still costing you far less than the same old black and white envelopes we’ve seen for decades. Click our logo at the top to explore our site and see the many designs and exclusive series we print. Using the reverse side of your envelope, we can print one of our many exclusive envelope series to deliver educational or inspirational messages to your donors. Many churches have experienced the increased income that comes from these beautiful envelopes. Other churches find that simply adding a full color photograph of their church and giving their envelope design an overhaul can increase giving.

Due to a lack of innovation in printing technology and environmental regulations, prices in the envelope industry are hurting the budgets of churches worldwide. The Church Budget has partnered with some innovative companies in the ink industry to drive down the cost of producing environmentally-friendly “green” inks. These cost-effective inks and the VelocicorTM printing system allow us to drastically reduce costs from 35-50% below what other envelope manufacturers charge. New advances on the horizon will enable us to keep prices low and increase printing quality even further.