Barcodes And Scanners

Many churches find that Barcoding their offering envelopes is an ideal solution to the weekly challenge of accurate and timely recording of contributions. The Church Budget can do all the work necessary to quickly and efficiently record your church’s contributions. We can also provide you with a laminated reference barcode sheet and scanner for an easier recording process.

Adding barcodes to your personalized envelopes is an easy solution and we will print them on your envelopes at NO extra charge! Rather than keying in envelope numbers manually, just scan the barcode. You will open the right file every time and reduce contribution recording errors and cut down on data entry. No Training Needed!!!

“When we made the switch to Church Budget envelopes during winter 2015, the primary reason was due to the projected cost savings of approximately $3,000. Our actual savings for the period February 2016 through January 2017 was approximately $5,600, which is a significant savings from a parish budget perspective. During our two (2) years with Church Budget, they have provided us with quality envelopes and exceptional service, and our Account Manager has been fabulous. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Church Budget!!”
Kevin J. Stillman, St. Peter Catholic Church