Reconfiguration Experience

The Church-Budget Envelope is the preferred supplier for churches across the country going through a Reconfiguration process. Because of our Full-service Reconfiguration Package, we've helped hundreds of churches easily navigate the challenges of consolidating multiple offertory programs into one.

Our dedicated team will help your parish cluster in the following areas:

Long-term Cost Savings

We are not offering "introductory rates" - we offer a fair, competitive price at the beginning of the partnership that we can sustain long-term unlike other suppliers that may match our pricing and then be forced to raise their rates within the year.

Special Offer→Discounted services are offered as a part of your Reconfiguration Package and will be discussed in detail upon review of your offertory program.

Unified Dating Schedule

Our Reconfiguration Experts work with all parishes to produce one schedule for the newly formed parish.

New Logo & Envelope Designs

We assist in designing new logos and envelope graphics

Free Customization→Flexibility to change any envelope copy (weekly or specials) at any time throughout the year. We will send proofs for approval.

Merged Parishioner Files

We will work with your team (or 3rd party) to merge all church address files into 1 complete file

Manage Multiple Files→We can manage and distribute envelopes to different "giving types" at your parish (e.g. standard weekly givers, online givers receiving Special envelopes only, etc.)

Free Intro Letter in 1st Mailing

Our team will help you draft a “Letter from Father” introducing the New Parish Name/details and make any Announcement requested all free of charge w/ initial mailing.

And much, much more!

For a free review of your program, please reach out to our dedicated representative below:

Reconfiguration Specialist
Cameron McCoy
P: 800-661-4538
E: [email protected]