Good Works

A Record of Giving card allows members to track and evaluate their support for the church throughout the year. On the reverse is an explanation of the envelope system, why it is used, and how the church uses it for record-keeping. An Initial Offering envelope with the suggested gift amount of your choosing, encourages the members to defray or offset the cost of the envelope set.

52 weekly envelopes provide uplifting, thought-provoking messages designed to encourage your members to evaluate their life and the importance of the church, community, and Christ in their life, just as they’re deciding how much of a commitment to make to these missions.

Four quarterly catch-up envelopes, enabling members to make up for missed offerings due to illness or absence. A gentle reminder that the expenses of the church continue regardless of attendance. Remind your members to be good stewards and keep up with their commitment to God’s work through the church.

The first weekly envelope is created with your mission statement! Personalize one of the beautiful full-color designs with a mission statement targeted just for your congregation. Explain your church’s particular need, mission, or goals. Engage your members even more with a message meant just for them!

We guarantee it. Our exclusive series are designed to utilize the unused 50% of your envelope to not just increase giving, but also to make your members feel more like a community, like they belong to something much greater than themselves, and to evaluate how much being a part of the Christian community means to them. Grow the sense of community and stewardship as members feel more connected with the harvest every time they sow the seeds with their weekly offering.

The Good Works Series Is A Dollar Size Envelope: (6 1/4″ X 3 1/8″)

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