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Q: What do our parishioners think about when putting their offering in their envelopes on Sunday?
If you have nothing on the back of your envelopes, you are missing an opportunity to deliver an engaging message to your parishioners each and every week as they think about their offering.

The Church Budget continues to deliver the most beautiful and engaging envelopes. We aim to make your envelopes do more than just hold contributions. We want your envelopes to deliver a message. You can create your own custom messages that change every week, or pick one of our exclusive series, like the Family of God series. This is a beautiful set with a very modern and fresh design feel. Yes, your offering envelopes can look this good and still cost significantly less than your current provider.

We guarantee it. Our exclusive series are designed to utilize the unused 50% of your envelope to not just increase giving, but also to make your parishioners feel more like a community, like they belong to something much greater than themselves, and to evaluate how much being a part of the Christian community means to them. Grow the sense of community and stewardship as parishioners feel more connected with the harvest every time they sow the seeds with their weekly offering.

You are not required to use our stock design envelopes. You may also design your own envelope to better suit the needs of your church. These sets may or may not be numbered.

The Family Of God Series Is A Dollar Size Envelope: (6 1/4″ X 3 1/8″)

Click On The Set Envelope Samples Below For A Larger View.