Direct Mail Envelopes

Custom offering envelopes can be sent directly to your parishioner's residence on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis as a reminder of their commitment to your church. The Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Company programs will provide excellent results as well as encourage good stewardship habits in your parishioners. The regular delivery and personally addressed envelopes help nurture a sense of belonging and also form a solid commitment – the parishioner is no longer just an identification number. By printing the envelopes with your parish name, picture or logo and the parishioner's name and address, valuable personal communication is started.

Experience Has Shown An Increase In Giving Of 10 To 15% When Using Our Direct Mail Program

Optional Features:

  • Bar-coding for ease of record-keeping.
  • Specially printed 6″ x 9″ letters may be included in every mailing to keep parishioners up-to-date with current parish activities.
  • Mail-Back envelopes can be added to each mailing to provide a means of mailing when parishioners are out of town.
  • Extra envelope packets can be printed and delivered to the parish at the same time we mail the regular sets and can be given to new parishioners until they receive their own personalized sets.
  • Insta-Sets are produced between typical mailings. They are addressed and mailed first-class directly to new parishioners within three working days.
  • Changing messages on the envelope helps keep the recognition fresh and inspirational. Look at our envelope products to see the several series we’ve created to give your members a new inspirational message every week.
  • Envelopes may be printed with the parishioner's large identification number in the upper right and left hand corner.


  • Eliminates storage and distribution issues.
  • Enhances communication with parishioners.
  • Increases revenue.
  • Relieves budget strain and improves cash flow. Envelope costs are spread over the entire year. You pay for only the sets that have been mailed.
  • Keeps parishioner mailing lists up-to-date.
  • Colorful outside mailer helps identify offering envelopes from junk mail.
  • Flexibility to add or remove special collections to reflect your parishioner's changing needs.

Direct File Transfer

  • The Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Company realizes that your staff is busy. By utilizing our direct file transfer system, you can upload your membership database to our servers for easy printing, sorting and delivering of your offertory envelopes.
  • Set-up for ease-of-use, the direct file system allows for the confidential transfer of names, addresses and envelope numbers. By simply entering a user name and password, The Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Company sends both an instant verification as well as a confirmation number indicating a successful file transfer.
  • Or choose to bundle your envelopes with our church management and growth software and we will automatically pull your list on the appropriate date. Envelope mailings become effortless as you never have to upload another file!
  • Let our commitment to the latest technology make your offertory envelope experience easier, faster and more accurate.

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