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Children's envelope sets are the beginning of forming a consistent stewardship habit. Start the children in your Sunday School on a lifetime path of stewardship practice with these attractive and affordable envelopes. We provide a full line of designs from colorful stock envelopes to interactive coloring envelopes and economically designed custom printed envelope sets. Each set may or may not be numbered and dated, depending on your preference.

Christopher the Caterpillar

Christopher the Caterpillar - These envelopes offer a 52/53 changing weekly educational lesson to assist in classroom planning. Each message is short and easy to read providing a weekly lesson followed by a suggested scripture reading.

Color Me Series

Color Me Series - This series provides interaction, education, as well as entertainment for your elementary-age children. Your children will enjoy being able to create their own perception of color in a 52/53 weekly series. These sets may or may not be numbered and/or dated.

Thank You God Series

Thank You God Series

Custom Printed Children's Sets

Custom Printed Children Sets - You are not required to use our stock design envelopes. You may also design your own envelope to better suit the needs of your church. These sets may or may not be numbered or dated. All envelopes may be provided in bulk form.